2017 NFL Draft Analytics Review: Baltimore Ravens-Update

Here is my review of the Baltimore Ravens draft class.

Update on Chris Wormley

For some reason Wormley’s market share data was incorrect. Might have happened when he was switched from DE to DT group. The update improves his production scores. but his age remains a concern in terms of high quality outcomes.


8 thoughts on “2017 NFL Draft Analytics Review: Baltimore Ravens-Update

  1. I had high hopes for Tim Williams. His first step on film looks as elite as I’ve seen from any of the edge rushers in this draft. PFF have him pressuring the QB in 1 out of every 4 pass attempts. The flexibility testing is really odd for me as when I watch a guy like jordan willis who tested unbelievably at the combine, he looks stiff on film and struggles to bend while Tim Williams looks as fluid as they come.


    1. Yanda had elite flexibility for his size with above average speed and hit All-Pro explosiveness numbers. Specifically had 44.34 explosion score, 77.65 speed score and 94.48 flexibility score. Essentially had an elite power guard athletic skill set.


  2. I’m a little confused, when you talk about wormley and hageman. Over four years, Hageman had 10 sacks, with two in his senior year. In four years, Wormley had 17.5, with 6.5 in junior year and 5.5 as a senior. You also gave Hageman a better grade on tackles and TFLs, but Wormley beat Hageman in both of those categories, in a four year span AND in senior year.


    1. His data was moved from Edge/DE group to DT and for some reason it didn’t translate the market share properly. His production wasn’t swapped in the transition. It was either a bug, or a mistake when sorting occurred.


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