Jay Ajayi Analytics Profile

2015 NFL Draft Combine Metrical Profile

Name: Jay Ajayi

Position: RB       

College: Boise State

Height/Weight: 5-11, 221            

Age on Draft Day: 21.81

Age Metrics

Age Percentile: 84.91

Hit 77 or higher multiple All-Pro percentile:  Yes

Hit 55 or higher multiple Pro Bowl percentile: Yes

Production Metrics


Market Share Yardage Percentile: 83.94

Hit 5-Time All-Pro 93 Percentile: No

Hit 5-Time Pro Bowl 86 Percentile: No

Hit 3-Time Pro Bowl 71 Percentile: Yes

Athletic Metrics

Explosive Lower Body Strength Percentile: 88.81

Speed Score Percentile: 65.65

Dynamic Speed Percentile: 80.91

Best Athletic Trait: Explosiveness


7.09 or faster 3-Cone: No

15 or more reps on bench: Yes

Physical Metrics

Multiple All-Pro Height 5-8 or higher: Yes

31’’ arms or longer: Yes

8 7/8’’ hands or bigger: Yes

Major Metrical Strengths:

  • Hit all age thresholds
  • Hit 5-Time and 3-Time Pro Bowl thresholds
  • Above average explosive lower body strength and speed
  • Hit Bench Rep threshold
  • Hit 3-Cone threshold
  • Hit Height, Arm Length and Hand Size Thresholds

Major Metrical Weaknesses:

  • Did not hit 5-Time All-Pro or 3-Time All-Pro Production thresholds
  • Missed 3-Cone time by .01

Similar Successful Players with similar metric profiles: Steven Jackson, Duce Staley and Travis Henry

Metric Score: 10/13