High School Football Quarterback Production Update: 2004-2017

Here is the updated High School Football Quarterback production spreadsheet. Includes all the data I could gather from 2004-2017 in terms of completion percentage and TD/INT ratio.

High School Football Stuff

Defensive Market Share Highlights

Here are the defensive players who put up market share performances indicative of a potential All-Pro to Pro Bowl players since the 1989 NFL draft class.

Terms for data are as follows.

MS: Solo Tackle Market Share. Individual solo tackles divided by team total solo tackles.

MSS: Sack Market Share. Individual sacks divided by team total sacks.

MSTFL: TFL market share. Individual tackles for loss divided by team total TFL.

MSINT: INT market share. Individual INTs divided by team total INTs.

MSPD: Pass deflection market share. Individual pass deflections divided by team total PDs.

With this out of the way, here are the players who stuck out the most in the 2017 regular FBS season on defense.






Also safeties who missed the mark, but could be outliers

Remember, the players listed above are not guaranteed to become high quality or even successful NFL players. However, they all share the same data traits of high quality and successful NFL players over the last 20+ seasons.

Use this information to give you some names of prospects you haven’t checked out yet. Or as another layer to an already strong resume for some of them too.

2018 NFL Draft Pre-Bowl Skill Position Highlights

Here are the skill position players who popped the most based on market share data in 2018 based on all data since 1969.

Terms and definitions are as follows.

MSPY: Is individual receiving yardage divided by team total passing yardage.  

MSY: Is total yardage (receiving+rushing) divided by team total yardage. 

Color codes represent different quality potential thresholds.

Dark Green: 95% of all All-Pro players reached this level of market share production since 1969.

Light Green: 95% of 5-Time Pro Bowl players reached this level of market share production since 1969.

Blue: 98% of long-term starting players reached this level of market share production since 1969.

With the definitions out of the way, here are the skill positions.