2016 NFL Draft Metric Profile: Sean Davis at CB

Name: Sean Davis

Position: CB

College: Maryland

Height/Weight: 6-1, 201

Age on Draft Day: 23.23

Age Metrics

Age Percentile: 44

Hit All-Pro 91 Percentile: No

Hit Pro Bowl 78 Percentile: No

Production Metrics

Market Share Solo Tackle Percentile: 98.17

Market Share PD Percentile: 16.12

Sean davis production

Hit 63 Solo Tackle Percentile: Yes

Hit 66 PD Percentile: No

Athletic Metrics

Explosive Lower Body Strength Percentile: 80

Speed Score Percentile: 67

Dynamic Speed Score Percentile: 96

Best Athletic Trait: Dynamic Speed


SS 4.33 or less: Yes

3C 7.03 or less: Yes

Physical Metrics

Multiple All-Pro Height 5-11 or higher: Yes

Multiple Pro Bowl Height 5-9 or higher: Yes

All-Pro Arm Length 32’’ or longer: No

Pro Bowl Arm Length 30’’ or longer: Yes

Hand Size 8 7/8 or bigger: Yes

Major Metrical Strengths:
• Hit solo tackle threshold
• Above average lower body strength, speed and dynamic speed
• Hit SS and 3-Cone thresholds
• Hit all Height thresholds
• Hit Pro Bowl arm length threshold
• Hit Hand Size threshold

Major Metrical Weaknesses:
• Did not hit age thresholds
• Did not hit pass deflection threshold at CB
• Did not hit All-Pro arm length threshold

Similar Successful Players: Carlos Rogers, Corey Webster and Bennett Jackson

Metrical Success Score: 11/14

2016 NFL Draft: WR Metric Profiles

WR Profiles are available through Amazon and include the following players:

  • Aaron Burbridge
  • Alonzo Russell
  • Bralon Addison
  • Braxton Miller
  • Charone Peake
  • Chris Moore
  • Demarcus Robinson
  • Devon Cajuste
  • Duke Williams
  • Geronimo Allison
  • Hunter Sharp
  • Jalin Marshall
  • Jordan Payton
  • Josh Docton
  • Kenny Lawler
  • Keyarris Garrett
  • Malcom Mitchell
  • MarQuez North
  • MeKale McKay
  • Michael Thomas
  • Nelson Spruce
  • Sterling Shepard
  • Trevor Davis
  • Tyler Boyd
  • Will Fuller



RB Metric Profiles

I am very excited to announce that this year I will be publishing my metric profiles to Amazon.com by position and one very large edition with over 300+ prospects before the draft. The current position that is available today on Amazon is the running back group that includes: Brandon Wilds, Daniel Lasco, Deandre Washington, Derrick Henry, Kenneth Dixon, Kenyan Drake, Marshaun Coprich, Peyton Barber and Wendell Smallwood.

The players not on the list such as Ezekiel Elliot and Devontae Booker will be included in the expanded version later this year after Pro Day results.And there will be at the very least 30 running back metric profiles in the final version to be released before the 2016 NFL draft.

All proceeds from these purchases will go to this site and further research into NFL metrics.There is a lot more I want to do to add more layers to these profiles that I just don’t have the resources to accomplish.

But I will still be posting free content on this site  with little nuggets here and there, but I put a lot of work into the profiles this year. And I believe there is enough content and actionable data in the profiles to be worth the purchase.

It doesn’t matter if you are a causal fan trying to figure out how your team did in the draft. Or a fantasy football guru trying to get an edge in one of your competitive leagues.

These profiles give you a foundation to enhance your evaluation process in terms of understanding the risks involved in taking certain players. And it will make you smarter at evaluation.

This isn’t just age based data. Or athletic data. Or just production data. The profiles include every variable from age, athleticism, production and physical dimensions.

You can get film evaluations anywhere. And they will often be vague in terms of projection as film is by its very nature subjective.

However, these profiles are not subjective as they are based on what the data says and not what my personal preference at the running back position is. What I present here is based on the facts.

All of the metrics I use are pretty simple and straight forward as to what I am trying to measure. Because metrics are supposed to be simple to understand.

If I just took a bunch of variables and threw them altogether into one number to measure against every position I wouldn’t know which variable is the main driver to success. Or what combination was necessary for success.

So check out my first publication including the RB group here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CH4F9OS?keywords=2016%20NFL%20Draft%20Analyts&qid=1457277990&ref_=sr_1_sc_1&sr=8-1-spell

And stay tuned for updates and additional positions to post right here on Draft Cobern.