2017 NFL Draft Analytics Review: New York Jets

Here is my review of the New York Jets 2017 NFL draft.


One thought on “2017 NFL Draft Analytics Review: New York Jets

  1. Great summary of Jamal Adams. He is one of the strangest prospects ever, in terms of reputation compared to actual ability and production. Heck, some analysts were asserting him as the top player in the draft. I never saw anything except a good solid player with a wiry indestructible frame. He may be a terrific teammate. Swell. That shouldn’t blindfold toward everything else, including his marginal instincts.

    I guess overstated runs in the family. In 1985 I was astonished that his father George Adams was being considered in the first round, despite averaging barely 4 yards per carry at Kentucky. The Giants did pick George Adams in the first round. To be fair, he got injured early. But I don’t remember another example of someone with such a low collegiate yards per carry being drafted so early. I don’t think George Adams would have panned out…fully healthy.


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