2017 NFL Draft Analytics Review: Miami Dolphins

Here is my review of the Miami Dolphins 2017 NFL Draft class.


One thought on “2017 NFL Draft Analytics Review: Miami Dolphins

  1. The most boring era in franchise history is extended. That’s my summary, after following the Dolphins since childhood in the late ’60s. I didn’t see one attempt at a great player. Then the Tankersley pick merely added a dash of hilarity. We’ll technically draft for defense while maintaining fragility.

    It reminded me of a later era Shula draft, if that.

    Your video is excellent. It deserves considerably greater exposure. Kudos to yourself or whoever finds all the apropos mood stills.

    In following the draft for nearly 50 years I’ve never understood why age is overlooked or devalued. You’re the first one I’ve seen who grasps the significance. At the age of these college players a year or two is a significant percentage of not only their total age but years played and hint of upside. Horse bettors understand the difference between a February foal and May foal at 3 years old. If you are brilliant early it’s exponentially more relevant than the classic boring late bloomer. The world is forever suckered by late bloomers.

    Last season was 10-6 for Miami but the point differential was negative and virtually identical to an 8-8 season a couple of years earlier. I like Gase but everything else including the roster and talent evaluation is stuck in that snooze worthy Crowd territory…fiddle in the middle.

    I was hoping this draft would hint at a dab of brilliance. Exactly the opposite. Guys like Kevin King were sitting there at 22. We’ve advanced from laboring and metric-flunking Dion Jordan to slightly less of a flunkee in Charles Harris. Wonderful.


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