2017 NFL Scouting Combine: DS Athleticism Analysis

We are finally here, with the safety group at the Combine. And there were a lot of very good safety athletes. The big standouts as strong safety types were Obi Melifonwu and Josh Jones. Both safeties I’ve talked about for awhile now, but with no agility drills, it’s hard to determine their ultimate picture as athletes. But enjoy the chart, and don’t go too crazy over the athletic comps. It’s just who they resemble as an athlete, not as important as production and film.

This concludes the Combine athleticism analysis. I will have a complete examination of the RB group published on Amazon soon that will go over all the data and what to expect from each prospect in the future. And I will publish a few teaser reports on my blog while updating Pro Day data. This is just the beginning. So if you like my work or want to know more about my work follow me on twitter @Jimetrics , or shoot an email to james_cobern@yahoo.com.

Free Agency is here as while. So expect reports on how that turns out as well.



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