2017 NFL Scouting Combine Weigh-In Analysis: Edge/DT/LB

Edge Rusher is a lot like running back where they come in all shapes and sizes, but the one constant is length. 100% of multiple All-Pro and Pro Bowl Edge Rushers since the 1999 NFL Draft class had at least 32-inch arm length at every height range. And the two Edge Rushers to not meet the 32-inch arm length threshold were:

  1. Carl Lawson
  2. Ryan Anderson
  3. Dylan Donahue

I include 4-3 Sam linebackers with Edge Rushers, just in case you are wondering why Ryan Anderson is here. Anderson has virtually nothing going for him as a pursuit, or off ball linebacker statistically speaking. So fight me if you want to.

On the defensive tackle side of the ball, the threshold for arm length is the same as Edge at 32-inches and only Elijah Qualls of Washington failed to meet that quality threshold. Everyone else passed with decent colors size wise for their respective positions.

The threshold for All-Pro and Pro Bowl arm length at off ball or pursuit linebacker as I like to call them is 31-inches. The linebackers to not meet that quality arm length threshold were:

  1. Ben Boulware
  2. Tanner Vallejo
  3. Anthony Walker Jr.
  4. Connor Harris

With the last place to visit dealing with height at the linebacker position. Every single multiple All-Pro and Pro Bowl linebacker since the 1996 NFL Draft class with the exception of Zach Thomas was at least 6-1 tall. I like to side with production data over height data, but I would call the players who didn’t hit 6-1 as yellow flags. Something to bug you, but not if they have other variables that are high with more significant correlations. And the linebackers to not hit the 6-1 height threshold were:

  1. Duke Riley
  2. Reuben Foster
  3. Jalen Reeves-Maybin
  4. Hardy Nickerson
  5. Matt Milano
  6. Jayon Brown
  7. Keith Kelsey
  8. Ben Boulware
  9. Blair Brown
  10. Connor Harris

This concludes the general red and yellow flags for the Edge/DT/LB group. I will have another post later tonight with the offensive line and running back athletic testing. In addition to bench at WR/QB/TE possibly. Until then, have a good evening.


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