2017 NFL Scouting Combine Bench Analysis: OL and RB

The bench press is more spectacle than predictive stat at the Combine. But there are still thresholds to consider and red flags to be gained from the event. Arm length does play a role as those with the longest arms average 6 less reps than those with the shortest on average. However, the test for bench is more pass or fail, than any meaningful difference between those who get a lot of reps versus meeting the threshold. So let’s begin with the offensive line.

The thresholds for OT, OG and OC are as follows:

  • 100% of multiple All-Pro/Pro Bowl OT/OG since 1999 had at least 21 bench reps
  • 100% of multiple All-Pro/Pro Bowl OC since 1999 had at least 20 bench reps

There have been a decent amount of offensive linemen to start with less than 21 or 20 reps on the bench. But quality is higher with those who meet 20-21 reps or more. Brian Winters for example had 9 reps, and he’s still a starting guard. So there is hope for those who didn’t meet the threshold. It’s just they don’t have a high chance of being special.

The offensive linemen who failed to meet these thresholds at the Combine were:

  1. Chad Wheeler
  2. Daniel Brunskill
  3. David Sharpe
  4. Jermaine Eluemunor
  5. Julie’n Davenport
  6. Cameron Lee
  7. Chase Rouiller
  8. Sam Tevi

In addition to numerous other OLmen who haven’t performed the drill yet. I will be on the look out for their bench marks at their Pro Days. And keep in mind that the eight linemen who missed the mark could meet the threshold at their pro days. So don’t write them off yet.

At RB, the bench press is same as the offensive line where the threshold for All-Pro and Pro Bowl RBs since 1999 is at least 17 reps. There are a decent amount of starters and backups who had less than 17 reps. But the high quality running backs, the ones we hope to draft had at least 17. And the backs who failed to meet the 17 rep threshold were as follows:

  1. Alvin Kamara
  2. Brian Hill
  3. Marlon Mack
  4. Joe Williams
  5. Jahad Thomas
  6. Christian McCaffrey
  7. Donnel Pumphrey
  8. Tarik Cohen
  9. Aaron Jones
  10. Elijah McGuire
  11. Dare Ogunbowale
  12. Devine Redding

This wraps up the general red flags to bring up about the bench for the OL/RB group. I’m still waiting on complete measures for QB/WR/TE. So be on the look out for another post on that later tonight.



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