Kirk Cousins Free Agency Profile

2017 NFL Free Agency Profiles  

Kirk Cousins


Team Washington Redskins
Age 28
Height 6-3
Weight 214
Arm Length 31.75
Hand Size 9.875
NFL Start % 71.88
College Production Score 79.63
NFL Production Score 84.03
Athleticism Score N/A
Physique Red Flags 0

Metric Recommendation:  Based on Cousins’ metric profile, he should be considered an above average starter caliber quarterback. He had that level of performance in the college ranks. And it translated to the NFL where he was one of the most efficient passers in the NFL for two straight seasons. The only negatives are that Cousins has a very low statistical chance of becoming a multiple All-Pro or Pro Bowl quarterback. However, finding above-average quarterback play is not something to avoid.

Salary Recommendation: Based on his performance and the recent salary cap increase, I’d appraise his current value at 20,140,000 a season. Any more than that and you are overpaying considering his metrical limitations.



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