Senior Bowl Weigh-In Results and Analysis Spreadsheet

We are finally here. The crown jewel of the NFL Nile. The Senior Bowl, and just like every year the media and draftniks get tons of information on prospects from height, weight, arm length and hand size. But they rarely know what to do with it. Other than making sexual innuendos about how big a prospect’s hands were, or making a point of criticism about a player when it could largely be unwarranted.

But that’s why I’m here. I spent over four years gathering various measures and actually seeing what the significance of each number is. Not relying on the kindness of anonymous strangers. Which is what most do when it comes to these type of things. So here it is.


The Senior Bowl Weigh-In Spreadsheet. In that spreadsheet you will have every number from the weigh-in this morning and colors to indicates a few very important things:

  • Dark Green: Means they passed with flying colors and share data traits with every Multiple All-Pro player at their position in more than a decade.
  • Light Green: Means they passed with very good colors and share data traits with every Multiple Pro Bowler at their position.
  • Blue: Means they passed the minimum threshold for a long-term starters at their position.
  • Red: Means there have been 0 long-term starters with that particular data trait. It’s a big red flag.

I hope this clarified everything as best as possible. Let me know if you are confused in the comments below.

Additionally, here is the Periodic Table of Football Elements. It has the highest to lowest numbers for long-term starters at the position. It doesn’t help with identifying quality, but quantity. And gives you some perspective on who is above average or below average in terms of the measures at the Senior Bowl. But remember that being the biggest, tallest and longest player doesn’t always mean you will be the best.





Lastly, I want to make a big shout out to Eric Galko, Dane Brugler and Trevor Sikkema for leaking the information I used for the spreadsheet on their twitter pages. I wouldn’t be able to make the spreadsheet without their help.



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