2017 NFL Draft Pre-Combine Data Spreadsheet: Update 1/15/2017

Here is my pre-combine data collection spreadsheet on production. It includes QB, RB, WR, TE, DE, DT, LB, CB and DS data. With a variety of variables such as TD/INT ratio, completion percentage, SOS, market share and age based data. Feel free to examine and use some of it in articles, or as an agent as long as you credit it to me. I included with the current class in orange successful outcome players in dark green (All-Pro), light green (Pro Bowl) and blue (Long-term starter) to give you some perspective on the significance of these numbers in identifying potential All-Pro and Pro Bowl caliber players.

I didn’t include the mother data set, because one, it’s a lot of data to comb through and can be confusing for some to grasp without cutting some of the fat. And two, I spent almost four years collecting all of it. If you are interested in the entire data set. Or you want to ask about my methods contact me at james_cobern@yahoo.com or on twitter @Jmcobern1. All of the data I gathered and designed is easy to explain to anyone with basic math skills.

Also remember that none of this data says with 100% certainty a prospect will become great, good or bad. It should simply get people thinking about the variables that make successful players, and the current players in this class who have similar traits. I have yet to add the other layers of athletic, film and physical characteristics. So proceed with caution before making sweeping generalizations. Always make decisions based on the cumulative work you’ve done, and not based on one variable.


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