Dejon Allen Film Grade: San Diego State

Name: DeJon Allen

School: Hawaii

Opponent: San Diego State

Height/Weight: 6-3, 290

Year:   rJr

Score:  0-55

Date: 11/5/16

Location: San Diego State

Overall Score: 84

Category Score:

Athleticism:                12/12

Strength:                     9/12

Run Blocking:             21/30

Pass Blocking:             30/30

Technique                    6/10

Durability:                   6/6


Demonstrates quickness in all directions-3pts: Yes

Above-average quickness for his size-3pts:    Yes

Displays fluid movements while reacting-3pts: Yes

No visible signs of stiffness-3pts:    Yes


Excellent flexibility for size-3pts: No

Flexible enough to maintain leverage-3pts: Yes

Demonstrates an effective punch-3pts: Yes

Doesn’t get overpowered-3pts: Yes

Run Blocking                                                                                     

Comes off the ball quickly and smoothly-3pts: Yes

Initiates contact with defender using hands-3pts: Yes

Arms and knees bent when moving defender-3pts:      Yes

Fuels blocks with lower body power-3pts:     Yes

Demonstrates good posture and leverage-3pts: Yes

Plays with high intensity and aggressiveness-3pts: No

Engages defenders at the second level-3pts:                  Yes

Displays great football intelligence-3pts:                       No

Understands blocking assignments-3pts:                        Yes

Demonstrates good strength-3pts:                                    No

Pass Blocking

Good awareness of where the QB is-3pts: Yes

Sets up quickly off the snap-3pts: Yes

Displays patience in pass pro-3pts: Yes

Uses hands instead of body-3pts: Yes

Plays loose and flexible-3pts: Yes

Stays on toes and keeps head up-3pts: Yes

Effectively stops outside rush-3pts:  Yes

Effectively stops inside rush-3pts: Yes

Effectively picks up stunts-3pts:   Yes

Effectively stops counter moves-3pts:  Yes


Implements proper pass protection technique-1pt: Yes

Implements proper drive blocking technique-1pt: Yes

Implements proper hook blocking technique-1pt: Yes

Implements proper angle blocking technique-1pt: Yes

Implements proper running drive blocks-1pt:  Yes

Implements proper trap block technique-       1pt:  No

Implements proper pulling block technique-1pt: No

Implements proper combination blocks-1pt:  Yes

Implements proper goal line block technique-1pt:   No

Implements proper cut block technique-1pt: No


Missed fewer than 10% of opportunities to play thus far in college-2pts: Yes

Without chronic injuries throughout college career-2pts: Yes

Without injuries requiring extensive rehab during college career-2pts: Yes


2 thoughts on “Dejon Allen Film Grade: San Diego State

  1. Dejon Allen is probably going to be one of the top 10 Olineman in the 2018 Draft. But his size is to be question. My need to bulk up!!!


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