Aaron Bailey Film Grade: Montana

Name:  Aaron Bailey

School: Northern Iowa

Opponent: Montana

Height/Weight: 6-1, 226

Year:   Sr

Score:  20-14

Date:   9/10/16

Location: Northern Iowa

Overall Score: 57

Category Scores:

Accuracy 6/21

Decisions Score 4/14

Ball Handling Score 8/8

Delivery Score 14/16

Arm Strength Score 11/11

Pocket Presence Score 5/18

Scrambling Score 3/5

Durability Score 6/6


High completion rate (>60%)-5 pts: No

Deep Accuracy- 2 pts: No

Intermediate Accuracy- 7 pts: No

Short Accuracy- 5 pts:        Yes

Accuracy moving right- 1 pts: No

Accuracy moving left- 1 pts: Yes


Avoids locking onto one receiver- 3 pts:  No

Plays with controlled aggression- 2 pts:  Yes

Manipulates defense with eyes- 2pts: No

Makes effective presnap reads- 2pts: Yes

Throws ball away to avoid sacks- 3 pts: No

Checks down judiciously- 2pts: No

Ball Handling                                                                                     

Play Fakes- 1pt:   Yes

Center Exchange-2pts:       Yes

Pump Fakes-1pt:                 Yes

Ball security while running-2pt: Yes

Maintains security when hit-2pts: Yes


Delivers from variety of platforms-2pts: No

Catchable ball (touch, spirals, etc.)-4pts: Yes

Quick Release-4pts:            Yes

Compact Delivery-4pts: Yes

Good drop depth-2pts: Yes

Arm Strength                                                                                     

Deep velocity-2pts:             Yes

Deep distance (> than 40 yards)-2 pts:            Yes

Intermediate velocity-5pts:               Yes

Velocity on the move-2 pts:              Yes

Pocket Presence

Climbs pocket effectively-5pts: No

Willing to take hit to deliver ball-2 pts: No

Senses pass rush-5 pts: Yes

Manages outside pressure-3 pts: No

Manages pressure up the middle-3 pts: No


Positive yards when breaking the pocket-2pts: Yes

Positive yards when pocket collapses-1 pt: Yes

Capable of big gains as a runner- 2pts: No


Missed fewer than 10% of opportunities to play thus far in college-2pts:  Yes

Without chronic injuries throughout college career-2pts:  Yes

Without injuries requiring extensive rehab during college career-2pts:  Yes


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