Nick Allegretti Film Grade: Nebraska

Name: Nick Allegretti

School: Illinois

Opponent: Nebraska

Height/Weight: 6-3, 315

Year:   rSo

Score:  16-31

Date:   10/1/16

Location: Nebraska

Overall Score: 61

Category Score:

Athleticism:                6/12

Strength:                     6/12

Run Blocking:             18/30

Pass Blocking:             18/30

Technique                    7/10

Durability:                   6/6


Demonstrates quickness in all directions-3pts: Yes

Above-average quickness for his size-3pts:  No

Displays fluid movements while reacting-3pts:  Yes

No visible signs of stiffness-3pts:     No


Excellent flexibility for size-3pts:  No

Flexible enough to maintain leverage-3pts: Yes

Demonstrates an effective punch-3pts: Yes

Doesn’t get overpowered-3pts:  No

Run Blocking                                                                                     

Comes off the ball quickly and smoothly-3pts: Yes

Initiates contact with defender using hands-3pts: Yes

Arms and knees bent when moving defender-3pts:      Yes

Fuels blocks with lower body power-3pts:     Yes

Demonstrates good posture and leverage-3pts:  Yes

Plays with high intensity and aggressiveness-3pts:  No

Engages defenders at the second level-3pts:  No

Displays great football intelligence-3pts:        No

Understands blocking assignments-3pts:        Yes

Demonstrates good strength-3pts:                    No

Pass Blocking

Good awareness of where the QB is-3pts: Yes

Sets up quickly off the snap-3pts: Yes

Displays patience in pass pro-3pts: Yes

Uses hands instead of body-3pts: Yes

Plays loose and flexible-3pts:  No

Stays on toes and keeps head up-3pts:  Yes

Effectively stops outside rush-3pts:   No

Effectively stops inside rush-3pts: Yes

Effectively picks up stunts-3pts:   No

Effectively stops counter moves-3pts:  No


Implements proper pass protection technique-1pt: Yes

Implements proper drive blocking technique-1pt: Yes

Implements proper hook blocking technique-1pt: Yes

Implements proper angle blocking technique-1pt: Yes

Implements proper running drive blocks-1pt:   No

Implements proper trap block technique-       1pt:   No

Implements proper pulling block technique-1pt: Yes

Implements proper combination blocks-1pt:  Yes

Implements proper goal line block technique-1pt:  Yes

Implements proper cut block technique-1pt:  No


Missed fewer than 10% of opportunities to play thus far in college-2pts: Yes

Without chronic injuries throughout college career-2pts: Yes

Without injuries requiring extensive rehab during college career-2pts: Yes


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