Taquan Mizzell Film Grade: Bowling Green

Name:  Taquan Mizzell

School: Virginia

Opponent: Central Michigan

Height/Weight: 5-10, 195

Year:   Sr

Score:  35-40

Date:   9/24/16

Location: Virginia

Overall Score: 79

Category Scores:

Power: 7

Elusiveness:    13

Balance: 6

Ball Handling: 11

Speed: 12

Vision: 18

Receiving: 6

Blocking: 0

Durability: 6


Leg Power, drives through arm tackles-3pts: No

Effective Stiff arm- 1pt:                     No

Initiates contact and punishes defenders-1 pt:  No

Runs behind pads/Good pad level-5 pts: No

Second effort/keeps legs moving-7pts: Yes


Lower body jukes-1pt:       Yes

Upper body jukes-1pt:       Yes

Avoids direct shots-7pts:   Yes

Can string moves in space-1pt:  Yes

Can make sharp lateral cuts-3pts:  Yes


Maintains footing when making cuts-3pts:    Yes

Maintains balance when hit head on-3pts:     Yes

Balance when hit from an indirect angle-2pts:  No

Ball Handling

Carries ball with correct arm-1pt:    Yes

Demonstrates ball security-3pts:  Yes

Maintains control of ball when hit-7pts:  Yes


Effective short area burst-7pts:          Yes

Separates from 1st-2nd level defenders-3pts:  Yes

Separates from defensive backs-1pt:   No

Speed to turn the corner on outside runs-2pts:  Yes


Good decisions-7pts:  Yes

Patience-7pts:  Yes

Good line reads, anticipates defense-3pts:  Yes

Good angles in the open field-1pt:  Yes


Catches ball with proper hands tech-2pts:  Yes

Can make difficult catch-1pt:           Yes

Catches ball w/back to quarterback-1pt: No

Used in the intermediate/deep game-1pt: No

A consistent target in the passing game-1pt: Yes

Consistent receptions on catchable passes-2pt:  Yes


Correct diagnosis of blocking assignments-2pts: No

Effective cut blocking technique-1pt: No

Good hand placement on stand up blocks-1pt: No

Can deliver a punch on stand up blocks-1pt: No

Mirrors/moves feet on stand up blocks-1pt: No


Missed fewer than 10% of opportunities to play thus far in college-2pts: Yes

Without chronic injuries throughout college career-2pts: Yes

Without injuries requiring extensive rehab during college career-2pts: Yes


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