Keion Adams Film Grade: Central Michigan

Name:  Keion Adams

School: Western Michigan

Opponent: Central Michigan

Height/Weight: 6-2, 245

Year: Sr

Score: 49-10

Date:   10/1/16

Location: Central Michigan

Overall Score: 62

Category Score:

Quickness: 7/7

Fluidity: 7/7

Flexibility: 3/7

Power:    8/8

Recognition Skills: 8/8

Consistency: 0/8

Block Recognition/Reaction:            10/12

Pass Rush: 8/12

Pursuit/Tackling:                 5/10

Pass Coverage: 0/15

Durability: 6/6

Position fit: SLB


Demonstrates quickness in all directions-4pts: Yes

Above-average quickness for his size-3pts:   Yes


Displays fluid movements while reacting-4pts: Yes

No visible signs of stiffness-3pts: Yes


Demonstrates excellent flexibility for size-4pts: No

Flexible enough to maintain leverage-3pts:    Yes


Demonstrates an effective punch-4pts: Yes

Sheds blocks quickly-4pts:  Yes

Recognition Skills                                                                             

Makes proper adjustments to offensive actions-4pts:  Yes

Recognizes block patterns and neutralizes them-4pts:  Yes


Demonstrates reliability under pressure-4pts:  No

Demonstrates a high football I.Q.-4pts:  No


Neutralizes drive blocks-2pts:           Yes

Neutralizes cut blocks-2pts:              No

Neutralizes angle blocks-2pts:          Yes

Neutralizes hook blocks-2pts:           Yes

Neutralizes trap blocks-2pts:             Yes

Neutralizes lead block-2pts: Yes

Pass Rush

Effective outside blitz-4pts: Yes

Effective inside blitz-4pts:  No

Effective stunts-4pts:   Yes


Effective open field tackling-3pts:   No

Effective sideline tackling-2pt:         Yes

Effective gang-tackling-1pt:              Yes


Effective strong side/weak side pursuit-2pts: Yes

Effective depth in pursuit-2pts: No

Zone Pass Defense                                                                            

Doesn’t over pursue or overreact-2pts:           No

Stays in assigned zone-2pts:                             No

Drops to landmark and reads QB-2pts:           No

Makes good decisions-2pts:                              No

Doesn’t break on shallow routes ball out-2pts: No

Man-to-Man Pass Defense

Backpedals-1pt: No

Angle backpedals-1pt:   No

Rolls over to direction of play-1pt:   No

Tips ball in coverage-1pt:   No

Intercepts ball in coverage-1pt:   No


Missed fewer than 10% of opportunities to play thus far in college-2pts:  Yes

Without chronic injuries throughout college career-2pts:  Yes

Without injuries requiring extensive rehab during college career-2pts: Yes


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